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Height Clearance Tool — Disclaimer and Limitation of Liabilities

The Height Clearance Tool uses Google Maps technology to generate the shortest route between two points. It will display conflicts for structures on that route which have any known restriction less than the height and/or width entered.

The route generated can be manually altered to avoid conflicting structures as well as any other hazards on the route which you choose to display from the check-boxes in the Legend located in the upper-right-hand corner of the tool.

It does not:

Clearance information is correct and current to the best of our knowledge, but we do not guarantee accuracy. In some cases, the turn by turn instructions along the left side of the map may show the restrictions on the requested route in an incorrect order. If that occurs, zoom into the map to the level where each restriction appears in its own yellow shield, for the most accurate location information. If you notice a discrepancy, please send the structure name and location, and a description of the error to

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